Anthony Padget’s Spotlight

Tell us about your involvement with O2e?
I am one of co- founders of this charity and cannot believe that it has been over 10 years since we sat down and thought about how and what we could do.

What has been the most memorable event or challenge you taken part in, or supported, for O2e?
What a question…… Ok. Walking with two others the length of the Ridgeway Walk with all our own kit and unsupported. Exhausting but with the right people on your side anything is possible.
What is it about the O2e ethos that resonates with you?
Realizing that if you put your mind to it- anything is possible. To be able to help others in the process is what resonates with me

How can people get involved in O2e and why do you think they should?
Our best ambassadors are the current ‘members’ of O2e. This community of like-minded people are the ones to be able to share an experience with others and hopefully inspire them to get involved by the personal touch. Everyone having experienced something that they thought was beyond themselves will be stronger, emotionally, physically and psychologically that is why people should get involved.
Finally, tell us about your next event that will take you from ordinary to extraordinary?
The Ride 100 Prudential ride around London.