Arctic Circle Race

A new challenge awaits Team O2e with Stan, Ollie, Johnny & myself heading north, inside the Arctic Circle, to the vast and stunning country of Greenland.

Sisimiut is a small village on the west coast with a sparse population of just over 5,000 hardy souls. Temperatures range from +20 in summer to -35 in winter.

The challenge is a 3 day, 160km Nordic ski race over the mountains and hills of the west and having to camp in such extreme conditions will provide further challenges for us.

The absolute remoteness and stunning scenery will be an experience to savour.

The learning curve has had to be steep as we have had only a few training camp weekends near Innsbruck, Austria. Keeping upright has been our biggest challenge as we try to control our 4cm wide, 200cm long, lightweight plastic skies, with just toes clipped into the front.

Laughter has been our best friend so far as we have fallen down every single slope in the Seefeld, just when you think you have control, Frank Spencer ski school has other ideas! (Johnny has a new nickname of ‘Speedking!’)

These challenges are all about the journey, not the destination. Our last few months of training together have introduced us to a new incredible sport and been able to spend time with best buddies, working hard and laughing hard at (not with) each other.

No better team to take on this challenge, we will work together, laugh together and hopefully finish together (it will be many hours behind the leaders but they will hear us coming!)

 ‘Speed King to base’

Over & Out