Ben Locke

Q1. Which event are you training for? 

Gothenburg to Stockholm

Q2. How are the preparations and training going?

Very well the last few weeks

Q3. What is motivating you to;

A) train

To try & keep up with the machines that are doing this event

B) do the event

To raise money for this unbelievable charity

Q4. How did it come about that you’re doing this event?

I’ve been involved with O2e since the Cologne ride in 2011, every year I/we try something that little bit harder, trying to raise as much as possible.

Q5. Tell us more about your training. 

I try & mix it up as much as possible – I work long hours so its not always easy to get hours in on the bike, I’ve therefore done a lot of off road running, whether its events or just losing myself in the woods at Swinley.

I also do a fair bit of MTB.

Q6. What is going to be the toughest part of doing this event for you? 

Keeping up with everyone, there’s some unbelievably good cyclists involved!

Q7. Confident for the big day(s)?

Yes & No… Yes I know I am stubburn enough to finish, No because of the pace of the others!

Q8. How have family and friends reacted to your doing this event? 

Most say I’m mad!

Q9. How much do you hope to raise?

As much as I possibly can

Q10. How would like the donations from your efforts to make a difference?

O2e make an amazing difference.

Q11. Do you have any fundraising ideas? 

Just spreading the O2e word via email, Facebook, Instagram etc

Q12. What is it about O2e that resonates with you?

Getting out of my comfort zone… I’ve gone from being a 16.5 stone, never run more than 10 miles to running Ultra marathons, cycling up mountains & taking part in one of the hardest Triathlons in the world – Helvellyn.

Q13. What type of event would really get you out of your comfort zone?

Anything involving cycling up hills is always hard for me, The L’etape last year was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done! For the future? Sweden is going to be very hard, I’m also looking at an arctic circle marathon.

Q14. Do you have any suggestions of how we could evolve O2e and what would you like to see more of?

The work you guys do is truly amazing & inspirational, I don’t know how else you could evolve it without going out of the area you donate to – Nationwide? Logistically nigh on impossible, maybe more charities towards Surrey/Hants to get more people involved?

I honestly don’t know how you manage what you do as it is!!

Q15. Finally, what advice do you have for any would-be O2eer? 

GET INVOLVED!! It doesn’t matter if its walking a mile or cycling the world, spread the O2e love!!!