Big Kev’s Big Bike Ride

This section is about Big Kev’s Big Bike Ride for riders that have already signed up, please use the links on the right to navigate.

Event History

Starting with London to Paris in 2007, Big Kev has organised a big bike ride every year in order to raise money for our very deserving charities.

Held in September they’re between 200 and 300 miles in two to three days with a big party and/or other event at the end. The atmosphere, camaraderie and out-and-out achievement of all the riders make them something quite special.

Below is a list of events to date:

2017 Champagne Supernova 2 – Calais to Reims, a different way (260 miles, 2.5 days)

2016 Wild Atlantic Way – Part of the Wild Atlantic Way (250 miles, 3 days)

2015 Waterlo2e – London Waterloo or Calais to Waterloo Belgium (and Brussels) (200 or 300 miles, 2 or 3 days)

2014 The Normandy Landings – Calais to Normandy (250 miles, 2½ days)

2013 Arch to Arc – London to Paris (300 miles, 3 days)

2012 Calais to Amsterdam (200 miles, 2 days)

2011 Calais to Cologne (270 miles, 2½ days)

2010 Champagne Supernova – Calais to Reims (200 miles, 2 days)

2009 London to Bruges (200 miles, 2 days)

2008 Cork to Galway (200 miles, 2 days)

2007 London to Paris (180 miles, 2 days)