Cycling in Europe

The countries we are travelling through generally have, compared to the UK, far better provisions for cyclists and motorists are generally far more respectful towards them.

However, this cuts both ways and if you flout traffic laws (e.g. jump red lights) or do not use the specific cycling areas (e.g. cycle lanes) you can expect them to get angry very quickly!

Many roads have a cycle lane painted on the road or a dedicated cycle path adjacent to the road (possibly on the opposite side to what you’d expect). They’re usually signed with a white bike on a blue background, same as in the UK. Please use them! If a motorist is beeping at you, the chances are you’ve missed the cycle provision and are on THEIR road.

There may also be using some dedicated cycle paths that are not near roads. The surface of these can vary, but is generally tarmac or concrete.

Note that in some places, especially in Belgium, cycle paths can be two-way and mopeds may be allowed to use them. Mopeds do not slow down for cyclists (ask me how I know!).