Using Orux Maps on Android

A Simple guide to using Orux Maps

1/ Visit the Play Store and download OruxMaps This app will allow you to follow our route without incurring any data roaming charges although your device will need to have GPS integrated into it.

2/ Next download the offline maps and the gpx Tracks (these are the routes for each of the days) and save them to your computer. Connect your device to the computer and when ready double click the device in my computer and look for the oruxmaps folder, inside this folder are a number of other folders. Copy the map file UkEireRouteBike into the Mapfiles folder and the days one two and three  files into the folder called Tracklogs

3/ You now need to set some preferences In Settings, Maps set the Map Orientation to (Direction up GPS) Again in Settings, Units you can choose to use either Miles or Kilometers for distance (personal preference) Tap the Maps Icon and select Switch Map, Offline Maps and select the AllFrance map. To follow one of the routes tap the Routes icon and select Load File, in the window that opens select the day you require by double tapping it, The dialogue below will open. Select as shown and click ok. The map should now show with the route indicated by small blue arrows.


4/ To stop following a route tap the Routes icon and select Stop Follow. You cannot see the Load File option from earlier if you have not stopped following the current route (found in the same menu).

5/ You may want to alter the screen lock time out of your device to its maximum to avoid having to keep unlocking your device. Please be aware that power consumption may be high with sustained use so you may want to buy an external power supply (can be found cheaply on the internet)

If you want to ensure you don’t use any expensive data allowance then turn off data roaming in your phones settings.

ALARMS: When you have activated the ‘follow route’ mode, OruxMaps can trigger an alarm that alerts you if you deviate more than X metres from the route. To activate this option, use the button ‘Routes’—‘Alarm’. The deviation distance at which the alarm sounds can be configured in ‘Settings – Text to speech / Sounds’.

This is just a quick intro to this powerful app and you can learn more by downloading the full user manual here

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