By Lee McGinley, O2e Ambassador

David Davies and his partner, together with Pat Markey, David Plews & myself visited CASPA Friday 24th February.

It was fantastic to see the great work that CASPA do and it was great to see so many children running around and playing with great big smiles on their faces.

We arrived around 5pm and witnessed the group in full flow. We were greeted by Helen and she gave us a guided tour. The hall was buzzing with excited children between 9 & 13 year old, all laughing and playing both indoors and outside in the attached grounds.

The children were drawing and making beautiful pictures with Glitter, partaking in science experiments with one of the leaders and we got to join in with them and take part in the musical concert that they put on.

I was quite taken back by the musical talent some of the children had, and one particular child would give any drummer in any rock band a run for his money he was that good.

It was great to hear about the Residential that they are organising for the summer and this year is the first year that they will have all age groups participating with the youngest members having their first night sleep over!!

It was fantastic to see the kids being allowed to be kids and I remember Helen saying at the O2e Launch in London in January, that they are trying to allow these extraordinary kids leads ordinary lives and that was completely evident during our visit.

I would strongly recommend visiting these charities should the opportunity arise.