Chris & Sarah Complete London Marathon!

Big thanks and congratulations to Chris Hipwood and Sarah Turner on completing the London Marathon.

What an experience. I managed to finish in an official time of 4:42, including a number of deep heat, hug and beer stops. Everyone said that London’s crowds would help, but I could never imagine their ability to numb pain. I actually felt fresher than some of my much shorter training runs and I have no doubt that was down to the incredible support from the pavements, and the array of snacks offered from them!

A big thanks to Ollie for sorting my O2E shirt in double quick time, and Slatts and Mark for the much needed encouragement. 

I was hoping to scrape under 5hrs, so even if I do say so myself, I think 4:42 was pretty extraordinary for a very ordinary bloke. 

I’ve hit £1100 for O2E so far, with donations still trickling in and look forward to the next challenge. 


Chris Hipwood London Marathon O2e


It was an absolutely incredible day, disappointed with my time but just over the moon I completed it.

I can’t explain how grateful I am to be able to have participated in such an awesome race and especially for an amazing charity.

Looking forward to signing up to another exciting challenge and visiting some of the children O2e supports.