Deborah – Everest Base Camp

Well I have finally gone and booked it…..I am off to Everest base camp!!
I have wanted to do this challenge for some time but as it is an 18 day trip I have been constrained by work holidays. Now I run my own company that is no longer a problem, I knew there some benefit in making the move!
I will depart from the UK 22nd September 2016 and, after a number of flights, I will start the trek from Lukla on day 3 of the trip and will then trek for the next 12 days camping near tea houses a night. We will ascend a total of 2,995m, starting at 2,652m and going as high as 5,647m when we ascend to the summit of Kalapatthar. Everest Base camp is at 5,357m so this will be tough. Each day we will trek approximately 10-12 km but once we go above 5,000m this will reduced to around 5km per day.

I know this will be a tough challenge and will definitely take me out of my comfort zone but that’s what O2e is all about and over the years of doing challenges for O2e I have learnt that I really can do anything I put my mind to. I shall now start to put together my training plan and start the journey!
There are spaces left on the trip if anyone else with O2e is mad enough to join me….
Kind regards