Get Involved

We all get inspired by watching people achieve, could be watching Sir Chris Hoy win his 7th Olympic Medal or your child’s 1st school sports day!

O2e is about the ‘Ordinary’ person getting out of their comfort zone and attempting something, for what would be for them, ‘ Extraordinary’. This could be a 5km run or a 10 day adventure race depending on your fitness level.

O2e can help you achieve your sporting dreams, we have personal trainers, nutritionists and a whole team of highly motivated people to help you.

Most barriers in life are self-imposed.

Often, the hardest part of any challenge is actually committing and signing up.

Contact O2e today and let us help you achieve your goals and help you Make a Difference to your life and the lives of such needy children. Anyone can get involved and either join in with an existing event or organise their own to help make a difference.

Paul Slattery

Chairman O2E