Happy Friday 02/09/16

Hope you had a good summer and like Jonesy you are looking forward to going back to school.

Great job by Stan in his Leadville 100 mile tough mtb challenge in the Colorado Rockies.
A hot, long, full day in the saddle with no part of the course flat and all at altitude!!!
Never in doubt Stan top drawer amigo

Mrs Nira and her merry team cycled and drank their way through their Brewery tour.
This has become an O2e regular which started with tea stops, now beer stops so think next year should be to Amsterdam……
Many tks Mrs for your continued support and well done to Robin, Huw and DD tastic  TDM

So Big Kev’s ride in fast approaching!!!!
Riders will be receiving info shortly please read carefully as YOU will need to check in online beforehand and follow other instructions.
Massive amount of work for Kev so please make his life a little easier by following his instructions.
Last couple of weekends to get some mileage in your legs-make some time as the course has some hills!!!!!!!
Please don’t forget why we do these rides…… Sooooo much effort by soooooo many people……All put on at ZERO PROFIT…………..
Please do your best with sponsorship, if you are struggling then sponsor yourself, this trip would cost £1,500+ with any other charity……..

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for continued support.