Happy Friday 09/09/16

Big Kev’s ride is nearly upon us!!!!

I’m sure those riding have seen all instructions-pls follow carefully as load of logistics needed for this trip.Huge thanks to Big Kev/Lee McGinley and everyone involved in organising this monster event. This is Big Kev’s biggest ride ever with 124 riders, lots of old faces and some new O2e ers on board.
Gonna be an absolutely cracking event…….. Safe Riding……..Final push on your sponsorship efforts pls.

Songs and whistle are at the ready…………………………………….

Rafe set off Wednesday from sunny Swindon and will ride unsupported and writes:

By the time this newsletter goes out I will be a couple of days into my 420-mile solo & unsupported ride to get from my house in Oxfordshire to the start of Big Kev’s ride. The rules are simple; I either have to carry it on the bike, buy it en route or go without. And if there’s a problem, there is no support, I have to deal with it myself. Just to put it into context, this is the same as riding from Beckenham to Edinburgh!

Once there I will of course be completing the same 250 mile route as everyone else. That’s like carrying on the journey from Edinburgh to John O’Groats!

Looking forward to seeing you all in Donegal!


Top effort Rafey safe riding and look forward to sharing a pint of the black stuff with you on Wed!

Date for the diary:
Mrs Nira is organising our very own Quiz Night on Tues 25th Oct in town-flyer and details to follow.
Will be teams of 5-Try to get a team together with you and 4 non O2e ers.

Will be a fun night.

Gala Dinner ( Click for flyer ) ticket sales going well-don’t be shy ping me your reservations………

Enjoy your weekend and look forward to seeing many of you next Wednesday.

Thanks and best,