Happy Wednesday 14/12/16

Another O2e year is coming to an end and once again you have blown the doors off!!
Last nag to get any last monies in as book is closing.

Looks like we will be handing over another chunk to our wonderful charities in Jan of £193,000!!!

Year in and year out you have stepped up to the plate and your drive and commitment is simply ‘ EXTRAORDINARY ‘.
O2e prides itself if full transparency so let me remind you what we have achieved over the years:

£60k MAW
£60k Rainbow Trust
£60k Debra
£90k Temple St Ireland-funds raised by O2e participants and paid directly so not through our bank
£270k Total

£125k Disability Challengers
£125k MAW
£2k     Nkosi Haven-Aids charity South Africa-as above paid direct
£2k     Temple St Ireland-as above paid direct
£12500 St Jude’s USA-as above paid direct
£266,500  Total

£75k Demelza
£75k Disability Challengers
£20k Henshaws
£20k GASP
£2k  Jack and Gill Ireland-as above paid direct
£192k Total

£82500 Demelza
£82500 Get Kids Going
£15k     St John’s
£15k Tuberous Sclerosi
£2k   Jack and Gill Ireland-as above paid direct
£197k Total

£65000 Demelza
£65000 Get Kids Going
£10k AADC
£10k St John’s
£150k Total

£65,000 Demelza
£65,000 Get Kids Going
£10.000 AADC
£10,000 St John’s
£150k Total

£40k Get Kids Going
£40k Sparlke
£40k Riverside School
40k E.A.C.H
£2.5k Florries Nurses (Nurses specific to kids with life limiting illness)
£700 Ironman for the Kidz-raised and paid directly by Louis and his team in South Africa
£163,200 Total

£28k Demelza
£28k Get Kids Going
£28k Haven House
£28k Sparkle
£28k Cherry Trees
£140,000 Total

£32,500 Sparkle
£32,500 Get Kids Going
£32,500 Southview School
£32,500 Freddie Farmer Foundation
£130,000 Total

£37,500 Sparkle
£37,500 Get Kids Going
£37,500 Freddie Farmer Foundation
£18,750 One Step at a Time
£18,750 TSA-Tuberous Sclerosis Association
£150,000 Total

£47k Freddie Farmer Foundation
£47k Sparkle
£47k Get Kids Going
£23,500 Haven House
£23,500 Stepping Stones
£5,000 Donegal Hospice ( raised and paid directly by Mrs McGinley )
£193,000 Total
11 year total raised and total donated is a staggering £2,001,700 

Please keep free Thursday 19th Jan for our 2017 Launch Night and we will be handing over our 2016 charity cheques-SEE FLYER.

The last 11 years have been an amazing journey with O2e. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that we would have raised £2m and had hundreds of people involved.
Every single person within O2e has made an enormous difference to the lives of sooooooooo many children.
The sporting bar has been raised year in and year out as you have travelled the globe, all at your own expense, taking on wild and crazy challenges.
Soooo many ‘ Ordinary ‘ people have taken on, what is for them, ‘Extraordinary ‘ challenges and got outside their own comfort zone from the 5k run to the ultra-marathon. Every single challenge has been EXTRAORDINARY.

All organisations need a face lift from time to time and O2e is no different. 
I am absolutely thrilled to announce that O2e will have a new Chairman. This person is a natural born leader, organiser and motivator. He sets his own standards so incredibly high and has been a massive part of O2e for many many years…….Please join me in welcoming and congratulating Ollie Rastall as our new Chairman.
I know you will all continue to give O2e and Ollie your incredible and loyal support and there is no better person to take O2e to the next level.
I will be involved as much as ever with O2e ( so no, Ollie does not get the whistle ) and I look forward to many more years of fund raising, fun and adventure with you all.

It has been an honour and an absolute privilege to have been your Chairman.
Thank you all for your incredible and continued support.