Hello from me!

It’s an end of an era. A simply phenomenal 11 years under the guidance of the genial Slatts.

What the charity has achieved and the support we have gained along the way supersedes everyone’s expectations. Surpassing the £2m milestone at the end of Slatt’s watch is a fitting legacy.

I’m now in the very privileged position of steering this fantastic organisation and filling the big man’s shoes, somehow!

What does O2e mean to me?

Since my first O2e fundraising event for O2e in 2007 (thanks to Pete Carr for the introduction), it’s been a perfect fit. The charity has provided me with a channel for fundraising but also access to a fantastic community of like-minded people and opportunities to do events that shape who I am. I’m pretty sure most people associated with the charity could say the same.

I have so many memories of attempting to go from ordinary to extraordinary which I’ll be telling my grandchildren about in my rocking chair. These wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for O2e. Equally, I already have many precious memories of spending amazing times with O2eers at events gone by. Big Kev has a lot the answer for!

Every penny in every pound

Since being involved at committee level and doing diligence on charities we support, it’s become increasingly apparent just how few charities can assure their supporters that 100% of their donation goes directly to helping children, not on overheads. O2e will always been volunteer lead organisation and it is something we are very proud of.

Seeing the legacies that O2e donations have created is a joyous reminder of the generosity within our community. The benefit to the children O2e has supported over the years is there for all to see and is all one needs to be inspired to continue to do more of the same in 2017. This year, we’ll be telling you in more detail how the monies are spent and the impact your donations are specifically having on the children we support.

What is going from O to e?

O2e is charity that donates funds to children who need help. O2e also exists to encourage people to live their lives to the fullest through exercise and adventure.

Accomplishment can only occur if there is an element of risk. Risk means you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone.

Stepping outside your comfort zone means you’ve gone from ordinary to extraordinary.

The beauty of this process, perfectly defined by the name of our charity, is that it is absolutely unique to you. O2e never compares one supporter with another.

Only you know if your comfort zone has been breached. Only you will know if the adrenaline is pumping more than ever before when you’ve experienced accomplishment despite the risks of failure.

It’s the failures that make the accomplishment more real and worthy. It wouldn’t be going out of your comfort zone if you didn’t fail every so often.

It’s in the DNA of O2eers to not let this discourage them. It spurs them on. Failures whilst out of the comfort zone are as much of the journey as the successes are. Being extraordinary is not exclusive to success.

Being extraordinary is being prepared to embark on the journey.

The journey from O to e.

Everyone looks forward to being inspired by your own O2e journey, none more than me.

Thanks for your ongoing support and for being a part of what we do.