Mollie “Mols” Pearse

Q1. Which event are you training for? 

I trained over the winter for the Aix en Provence Ironman 70.3, which I completed a couple of weeks back. Next stop, Sweden for the Vatterrundan – 300km bike race starting at midnight on June 17th : )

Q2. How are the preparations and training going?

Training is going well. I feel extremely grateful to be able to fit in and complete the training that I do. Exercise in general is a huge part of who I am, if nothing else it allows me to expend some of the hyperactive energy I have…to the great relief of my loved ones!

Q3. What is motivating you to;


To give my body a fighting chance of staying injury free and healthy in the lead up to and when completing events.

B)do the event

Not to waste the physiological ability that I have to try new and crazy things and hopefully inspire a few people along the way.

Q4. How did it come about that you’re doing this event?

Each year I like to select an event that I have not done and one with a new element of challenge. I chose the Vatternrundan as a friend wanted to use the training as rehabilitation from a hip operation she was due to have. Subsequent complications have led her to 4 hip operations at the tender age of 32, so she is currently not able to cycle…I Will be cycling for the two of us.

Q5. Tell us more about your training. 

Training had largely been triathlon focused, so in these last few weeks I will just be getting on the bike for as long as possible, building up the tolerance to an extremely unforgiving saddle! Cycling short recommendations are welcomed…

Q6. What is going to be the toughest part of doing this event for you? 

The toughest part will be the fact we start at midnight…being known for my affinity for sleep, I think it will be an added challenge to ride through the night. We will be fortunate enough to see the sun set and rise again, so I am sure any fatigue will be overshadowed by the stunning Swedish landscape.

Q7. Confident for the big day(s)?

Yes, always….smile and crack on, right? I love the challenge. The usual nerves will set in, but I think a reflection of the passion…not anxiety.

Q8. How have family and friends reacted to your doing this event? 

They continue to think I am slightly nuts…but are always there to be my cheer squad. I always feel extremely emotional at the end of endurance races, I think it is due to the physiological emptiness that you experience and the hours you have spent with your own thoughts…combine it with jubilant loved ones at the finish line and I am guaranteed to cry! I also love the grounding they continue to provide, especially my mother, who when we were in France said to me “what time will you have finished your little run tomorrow? Shall I get the BBQ food ready?”…that ‘little run’ was actually a half ironman!

Q9. How much do you hope to raise?

Over the past few years I have managed to raise about £1000 per year, I hope to hit a similar target

Q10. How would like the donations from your efforts to make a difference?

Simply put, I would like the funds to provide an opportunity for people to get closer to a dream that is currently seen as impossible. I would love for the funds to provide an experience that ensures exhilaration and an abundance of laughter.

Q11. Do you have any fundraising ideas? 

I generally rely on the good will of my friends and colleagues and their monetary reaction of disbelief in the next challenge I have signed up for!

Q12. What is it about O2e that resonates with you?

Everything. Ordinary to Extraordinary. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. I love the inclusive, human and humble nature of the charity. The charity itself was created and is run by a number of extraordinarily awesome humans, that would never accept a word if it! It is a window to what is possible and a stage in which to complete it…

Q13. What type of event would really get you out of your comfort zone?

I think a multistage endurance race… Ollie has already got my interest up for a bike ride around Austria next year…watch this space!

Q14. Do you have any suggestions of how we could evolve O2e and what would you like to see more of?

A greater social media and online presence to share the awesome work that you do – from the charities and projects supported to the lives you inspire and people that take up challenges as a result of the O2E energy.

Q15. Finally, what advice do you have for any would-be O2eer? 

Go for it. Carpe Diem x