Mollie Pearse

Tell us about your involvement with O2e so far. To date I have been an avid supporter of O2e; whether cycling to a location chosen by Big Kev, dancing at the annual ball or taking on my own personal endurance challenges – swimming across lakes, cycling around large lakes etc! I was delighted to be asked to join the charity as an ambassador earlier this year. I will be sure to continue spreading the love.

What has been the most memorable event or challenge you taken part in, or supported, for O2e? Arch to Arc, one of Big Kev’s rides. I was injured and so unable to ride, instead i became the bag lady. It was pretty tough for me to watch everyone cycling whilst I was sitting in a van, but I had a great few days cheering people on, making new friends and seeing how many bags I could throw into the van in record time : ) For me, sitting in the van was probably a bigger challenge that it would have been to cycle!

Thinking back to your first introduction to O2e, who do we have to thank for you getting involved? I have my adventure buddy Chloe Gibbs to thanks for my introduction to O2E.  Likely  after a few beverages, Chloe asked if I wanted to cycle to Cologne…from London. Sounded like a wonderful idea, so I went out and bought a bike, did about 10miles training and the rest, as they say, is history!

And what was it about O2e that resonated with you? The team spirit of the O2e family that encourages people to get out of their comfort zone is one of the most compelling assets of the charity. I also love the limitless possibilities that the charity present for people to smash beyond the ‘Ordinary’. No idea is an idea too big!

Making is Difference is a basic principle of the charity. As an Ambassador of O2e, where and how would you like to make a difference? My ambition is to inspire people to take on challenges that are extraordinary for them personally/individually, both to raise money for O2e, and also to enhance the profile of the charity. This year I am so proud to be cycling to Champagne with my dad and a great friend (Dan), neither of whom have cycled that distance before…I can not wait to be a part of their journey and celebrate with an abundance of fizz when we make it #nopainnochampagne : )

Finally, tell us about your next event that will take you from ordinary to extraordinary? Personally, this year I am taking on two Ironman 70.3 events in the space of a month. After a serious winter of training, my aim is to qualify for the European Champs for 2018….watch this space!!