Sarah Turner – Guest Blog – London Marathon

Ahead of the London Marathon on Sunday, Sarah Turner has written a guest blog on her marathon training journey so far.

When I received the email to say I’d been successful in securing a place for the London Marathon, my initial reaction was excitement; then as it sunk in, I began to realise the scale of the challenge that lie ahead!

First thing I did was read up on several training programmes and that really helped to focus me. Next I completed several half marathons in and around London to test my fitness levels.

In October I completed two Wimbledon half marathons, both great events and I thoroughly enjoyed them, despite the fact that the weather on the Sunday was miserable, cold and misty.

Training was particularly tough during the winter months – getting up in the dark and training in the early mornings –  but keeping the charity Get Kids Going and the excellent work they do at the front of my mind really helped to keep me motivated.

A low point was getting extremely lost on one of my longer runs in March; it was meant to be just a few laps of a 10km course…. Still, all part of the challenge I guess!

What I’ve discovered is that taking on a challenge like the Marathon isn’t just a physical battle. Making sure you get the miles in and increase and maintain your fitness levels are crucial of course but it’s the mental battle that I’ve found the hardest. Trying to push myself to be faster or go out for a longer run, especially as I’ve been training on my own, has been tough. Keeping a motivational trigger in my mind has helped me through those times during my long runs when I’ve felt like stopping and giving up; the smiling faces of the children at Get Kids Going has been my incentive. Roll on Sunday!

Good luck, Sarah! Thanks for your support. Look forward to hearing how it went!