Skelfie Clocks

A year ago, Chris Ensom challenged Paul Skelly and Jackie Kell each to post a selfie on Facebook every day of 2016 with a clock but it had to be a different clock every time.

Chris pledged to donate £1 to O2e for every legitimate photo. With Skelly’s passing Chris nominated a different person every month until December when he invited all the Beckenham and Big Kev Bike Ride people to join in, which they did in quite a large number.

We’re not sure how much Chris is in line to donate but he is working on a big tableau of the photos!

It’s an amazing fundraising initiative and typical generosity of big Chris.

Avril Touhy couldn’t find a clock she had not already used to drew one herself! (see below)

Thanks to everyone who took part and kept Skel’s memory alive in the style of the now legendary Skelfie!

Avril is rather handy with the pen…