Skelly400 – complete!

The month of January will never be the same for some O2eers.

Skels set a challenge and lots of committed people stepped up. It’s fair to say that everyone enjoyed it, despite the many reasons to begrudge the daily pressure.

Strava was the hub of the challenge, providing the home of the miles logging and the much needed forum for support, dishing out kudos and much banter.

During the month of January the O2e Strava Skelly400 group saw thousands of miles clocked up by 56 members.

Dave Davies best summed up the challenge;

‘Last day of a terrific challenge in memory of Skelly. It’s been emotional. Lots of time for reflection about Skelly and life in general.

He might be gone but his legacy lives on in all the brace souls who have undertaken this challenge and provided such camaraderie and support throughout.

765 miles done, at least 10 miles per day in all weathers and one particularly tough 111 miler with 15 year old Huw. 18lbs lost and £650 raised for O2e, a charity close to our hearts. Magic xx’

DD clocked well over 700 miles and countless Personal Records.

What a brilliant legacy or us all to continue to enjoy. Same time next year? Here’s a few pictures from along journey. Enjoy!

DD suspiciously close to his car… do wee need a steward’s enquiry?

The BRC crew take on century rides with a visit to Col du Skelly.

Sponge in typical fine form doing his Skelly miles!

British boys flying the Skelly400 flag stateside.

Every one of the people taking part in this challenge will have doffed their cap to this chap at least once, if not daily.

Skels was a huge supporter and influence at O2e from day 1 and was one of the most altruistic chaps we knew.

Skelly was a very modest chap but a fantastic cyclist who conquered many legendary climbs and routes.