The Posse’s Pyrenees Picnic 2017

The Posse are off on their cycling adventures again in June, this time heading for the Pyrenees. The group is a little different this year, comprising Posse stalwarts Roger, Jamie and Nick, together with Keith (not seen on a Posse / O2e ride for many years) and Timbo (delighted to be elevated to full Posse status).

The Pyrenees Picnic is a 3-day outing taking on more climbs than is truly sensible for a group of our slightly advanced years. The route includes, amongst other little pimples:

·         Col d’Aubisque (1709m) – the second most frequently used climb of the Tour de France (73 times since 1910). 16.6 kms averaging 7.2%, but at least there’s a café at the top!


·         Col de Soulor (1474m) – regarded as one of the most beautiful climbs in the world, but also rather scarily known as the Circle of Death!


·         Col de Tourmalet (2115m) – the highest paved road in the Pyrenees, the most used climb in the Tour de France. A 19 kms climb averaging 8%, with long stretches at 13%+. No further comment!


·         Col de Aspin (1489m) – piece of cake, this one! Just 12kms averaging 6.5%. We’ll be sprinting this one!


·         Col de Peyresourde (1569m) – first featured in the TdF in 1910, 14.5 kms of pure pleasure averaging 6.5%. Described in the “Col Collection” guide as a “cunning little fox, but take your time and keep the faith”, whatever that means!


·         Port de Bales (1755m) – yet another “HC” climb! Just 18 kms averaging 6.5%, but with flat sections “interleaved with ramps of 12-14%”. 3 times featuring in the TdF, described as “wonderfully remote and quite challenging” with a warning to beware of cows – sounds fun!


Why are we doing it? Why indeed? We’re planning on renaming O2e as “Ordinary to absolutely bloody stupid”! Wish us luck!