The Team

Paul Slattery

Founder of O2e and Chairman for 11 years. Constantly pushing the boundaries of fitness and adventure despite his body’s protests! Inspirational in every way.

Anthony Padgett

One of the founder members of O2e. Padge is our resident physio and is the master of his craft. Looks after merchandising for O2e.

David Davies

The genial spirit of DD is contagious and he can work a room with ease. One of the founding fathers, DD is the Secretary of O2e and is a big part of O2e with both his official and unofficial hats on. The class clown of O2e.

Kev Tuohy

Big Kev helped Slatts & Co. make O2e a reality back in 2006 and has been a legendary figure ever since, mainly in part to his flagship annual cycle ride every September but also because he came back from the dead early in 2017. Each and every day really is a bonus!

Ollie Rastall

Ollie has been doing comfort zone busting events for O2e since 2007 and is the current Chairman of O2e. Ollie oversees most O2e operations with the help of the committee and ambassadors.

Caroline Kiely-Smith

Caroline looks after interactions with new members and our supported charities, providing fundraising initiatives and plans that helps O2e maximise fundraising opportunities.

John Tuohy

John is part of the Tuohy family, who are a huge factor in everything O2e does. John provides IT support and expertise and is also an ever present key member of the Support Teams for O2e events, especially Big Kev’s Ride.

Mrs Nira

Nira has connections far and wide that are always being tapped into for the benefit of O2e. Her sunny disposition lights up any room and depsite having to nanny DD on every one of Big Kev’s Rides, her enthusiam for O2e has never being anything but 100%. Nira also organises our Annual Quiz Night.

Brett Aldridge

Brett has been a big supporter of O2e pretty much since inception and along with his wife, dad and brother, provides a tremendous amount of support to O2e in many ways.

Nick John

Nick represents our South Wales network of supporters. Leader of ‘The Posse’, Nick and his wife, Tish, are ever present at all O2e events be it a challenge or a social! Nick looks after the 100 Miles In May walking challenge. | |