The Team

Paul “Slatts” Slattery
General Mickey taker and all round fit Geyser!
Anthony “Spadgeeee” Padget
Merchandise, Generally Nice Bloke and Cracker of Bones.
David “Dumbo” Davies Secretary
Story teller. General Dogs Body, Avid event participant and Blooming nice chap.
Kev “Budha” Tuohy
Major Events – Jack of No Trades, Officer in charge of Kebabs.
JT, “Little John” Tuohy
Internet Black Arts, IT Support, Nanny to any Event, Exceptionally Nice Bloke.
Mrs Nira
Jack of All Trades, Catering, ¬†Entertainment, Bar Mitzvah’s and Weddings catered for. Lovely Little Lady.
Brett “Bart” Aldridge
Allegedly bringing O2E into the 21st Century All round nice Bloke.
Caroline “Sweet” Kiely Smith
Fundraising, New Avenues, Generally Nice Person.
Ollie “Raz” Rastall
Chairman of O2E, Social Netweaving, New Events, All round flipping nice bloke.