The Team

Paul Slattery

One of the founders of O2e and Chairman for 11 years. Constantly pushing the boundaries of fitness and adventure despite his body’s protests! Inspirational in every way and passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

Anthony Padgett

One of the founders of O2e, Padge is our resident physio and the master of all things physiological. Looks after merchandising for O2e and is passionate about the causes we support. In his spare time he makes and throws away very bad wine. Top bloke.

David Davies

The third O2e founder and previous chairman. Genial of spirit, DD loves the camaraderie amongst the O2e community. He was O2e Treasurer and Secretary for 13 years before taking on the role of Chairman in 2019. Passionate about all things O2e and an international athlete of no repute.

Kev Tuohy

Big Kev helped Slatts & Co. make O2e a reality back in 2006 and has been a legendary figure ever since, mainly in part to his flagship annual cycle ride every September but also because he came back from the dead early in 2017. Each and every day really is a bonus!

Ollie Rastall

Ollie has been doing comfort zone busting events for O2e since 2007 and has just completed a glittering two-year stint as O2e Chairman. A top trainer and competitor, there is no truth in the vicious rumour he is fitter than DD. Ollie has persistently and consistently set the standards for O2e out of comfort zone – ness.

Caroline Kiely-Smith

Caroline looks after interactions with new members and our supported charities, providing fundraising initiatives and plans that helps O2e maximise fundraising opportunities.

John Tuohy

Brother of Kev and claims to be the handsome one. John provides IT support and expertise and is also an ever present key member of the Support Teams for O2e events, especially Big Kev’s Ride. A very nice bloke indeed.

Nira Fulton

A global phenomenon, Nira is able to mobilise her wide and varied connections for the benefit of O2e. Her sunny disposition lights up any room and her enthusiasm for O2e has never being anything but 100%. Nira has taken on the role of Secretary in 2019, she organises a fabulous Annual Quiz Night and in her spare time she has taken on the role of Garmin consumer tester. All round nice lady.

Brett Aldridge

Brett has been a big supporter of O2e pretty much since inception. Along with his wife (Dawn), brother (Rafe) and father (Mike), he continues to provide a tremendous amount of support to O2e in many ways. Brett took over the reigns as O2e Treasurer in 2019 and is an all round top banana.

Nick John

Nick represents our South Wales network of supporters. Leader of ‘The Posse’, Nick and his wife, Tish, are passionate supporters of O2e and ever-present at O2e events be they a challenge or a social! A classy bloke, Nick enjoys a glass of good red, followed by many more glasses of good reds.

Sue Smith

Sue Smith is a phenomenon amongst phenomena.  Married to Sponge and with an infectious passion to organise, drive and deliver a cascade of charitable events for O2e, ranging from the flagship Thames walk, through to a quiz night down in home town Wadhurst; from persuading her local publican to help out with a variety of events through to a guess the number of Easter eggs in the jar competition.  This lady is superhuman and super passionate about improving the lives of terminally ill and disabled children. She is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but we’ll beat that out of her soon enough. 

David Turner

David Turner has progressed from rising star to chairman the O2e set up.  He has undertaken numerous O2e events in recent years, including Big Kevs bike rides to Paris. He is a successful businessman with a disdain for failure and his gravitas and energy are welcome additions to the Committee. He is married to the fragrant Margaret, who walked a mile backwards in 2019 for O2e whilst dressed as an elf.  Hardcore. 

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