Making A Difference

On behalf of everyone at ELHAP including the Board of Trustees, a huge ‘Thank You’ to the whole of the O2E committee for your staggeringly generous donation of £25,000.

I can’t emphasise enough how dependent we are on the support of partners and organisations like yours if we are to continue to provide innovative Adventure Play opportunities to children and adults with very diverse care and support needs for generations to come.

Many of our families have referred to ELHAP as a ‘lifeline’ over the years, we know we are so much more than a playground to our beneficiaries. That’s why we need partners like you to enable us to carry on our vital work with disabled and disadvantaged children. O2E have been one of our most significant supporters in recent years and we are genuinely humbled by your ongoing support and your belief in our mission as a charity.

Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in your vast array of fundraising endeavours, we really do appreciate and value your generosity.


Sparkle recently had the pleasure of receiving a fabulous donation of £27,000 from the charity O2e (Ordinary to Extraordinary).

Since 2012, O2e have been a tremendous supporter of the Sparkle Appeal donating over £235,000 for projects at Serene Children’s Centre. They are one of the main reasons that families can enjoy and benefit from our beautiful state of the art sensory room and they also heavily contribute towards the annual residential stay that Sparkle young people can experience and enjoy.

We are extremely grateful for the wonderful relationship and continued support Sparkle receive from everyday at O2e, and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.


To be chosen again as one of your charities is absolutely amazing news for us, as you know your support is so so much appreciated and has enabled us to really aim high these last couple of years. 


Thank you as well for the incredible donation we received last night – we weren’t sure of the final amount before we got there, and I was anticipating around £20,000, so £25,000 is a fantastic surprise, thank you – we’re all very excited in the office today!

The children and staff are so delighted with the newly resurfaced tennis court you helped fund last year – they really do love it!

On behalf of us all here at St Elizabeth’s – especially the children you so generously support – thank you again for your incredible hard work and generosity. And thanks again for a really fun night last night.

St Elizabeth’s

This is amazing news, we are truly grateful for the continued support of O2E and do not take it for granted.

This substantial donation helps us to continue supporting disabled children and the generous support of everyone involved with O2E makes it possible for our physiotherapy centre to exist.

Freddie Farmer Foundation

Thank you so much for a great evening last night, and for your fantastic donation! We were absolutely thrilled to receive your amazing cheque for £25,000.

I know how much blood, sweat and tears went into raising that money, every penny of which will make a huge impact on our families.  This will enable us to run residential trips for up to 30 children, and add extra activities to our clubs. We will also put some towards new activities for the children around Abergavenny, who are really keen to experience the clubs and activities they have never had access to before. 

We wish you all the best with your many crazy challenges this year!  Once again, on behalf of all the children you are helping here in South Wales, we offer a heartfelt thanks.


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