DD’s First Newsletter

Delighted to be your new Chairman and looking forward to trying to fill Ollie’s boots.  My first newsletter will not match the formatting genius, the creativity and the sheer wordsmithing of Ollietastic, but comes from the heart just the same and is sent with love to all of you lovely peeps.  So first off, let’s nail 2018

O2e’s 13th year proved to be unlucky for no one.  Fourteen events were completed with passion and commitment, a total amount raised in excess of £160k, allowing donations to each of our 8 charities of £18,000 (£144,000 in total). 

14 Events

Donations of £144,000

Your efforts make a difference every day, every week, every month, every year to children who are struck down with disability and or terminal illness.  Give yourselves a MASSIVE pat on the back for your endeavours in 2018.

£2,344,000 total since inception

O2e has now donated more than £2,344,000 since inception to improve the lives of terminally ill children and children with disability.  Thank you from the Directors, Committee and the Ambassadors for all you’ve done and continue to do for O2e.  

Our magnificent charities will be attending the O2e Launch Night on Wednesday 23rd January at the offices of Man Group, Riverbank House, 2 Swan Lane, London, EC4R 3AD (see below).  Doors open at 6pm to start proceedings at 6.30pm.  We expect all the formalities to be completed by 8.30pm but the bar will be open until 11.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.


See how your fundraising has improved kid’s lives and be inspired for 2019.
Everyone welcome! Bring a friend and spread the O2e word.
Wednesday 23rd January at 6 for 6.30pm

Event is at: Man Group PLC, Riverbank House
2 Swan Lane, London, EC4R 3AD

Exceptional Ollie Wade O2e challenge
Most people will know by now that Ollie Wade is a dangerous man.  That didn’t prevent O2e ambassador Lee McGinley and his mate Pat Moran from letting their guards drop after a few too many Guinness during December 2017.  The result was a challenge thrown down by Ollie for Lee and Pat to achieve at least one 100 miles bike ride during each month of 2018.   The stakes were high – a 4-figure donation to O2e from each man if they failed and a similar four figure donation from Ollie to O2e for each man if they succeeded.  The boys were determined to achieve this target.  In July they completed the Dunwich Dynamo event, a 100+ miles overnight cycle ride from London to the Eastern coast of Suffolk. There was some concern when someone threw in the curved (golf) ball that the ride was technically over 2 calender days and therefore the boys did ANOTHER 100 miler in July. Then in September the boys did Day 1 of Kev’s Big Ride and decided to boost the 97-miles by a further 3 miles to achieve their 100 miles target.  In a scene taken straight from a Benny Hill comedy sketch they cycled around the local MacDonalds car park 60 times (yes 60) to get them over the line.  They had disappeared before the police arrived but please don’t ask if they want chips with that.  In December, in the pouring rain and with fatigue cursing through their veins, Lee and Pat completed their 14th 100-miler and won the bet.  This is a tremendous achievement by both of the lads for O2e in 2018.  And well done to Ollie Wade for putting them up to it!  Beware of more more Ollie Wade challenges in 2019?
Jackie Kell £250 Euro Alloys
Always nice to get an unexpected cheque through the post.  O2e supporter and BRC cyclistJackie Kell kindly nominated O2e as her charity to receive support from her employer Euro Alloys.  The result was a cheque for £250 and a letter of best wishes from Euro Alloys MD Philip Evans!  Thanks very much Jackie!
Don’t forget to check with your employer to see if there are any opportunities for employer contributions, either through matched funding schemes or through direct donations.  Most employers will have such schemes as part of their social commitments.

Events for 2019
Planning a challenge for 2019? – Let us know!

Your challenges are the lifeblood of O2e. The source of fundraising, inspiration, achievement and memories. 

We’re going for a record tally of events in 2019 so don’t be shy, let us know what you’ve got planned!

Email me the details of your event!
send to dd@O2e.org
 Have a great weekend!
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