Chris Moon MBE

Chris Moon MBE is a former Army Officer and his remarkable life story is one of consistently overcoming incredible odds.

Working for a charity, clearing land mines, Chris survived kidnap by the Khmer Rouge guerrillas in Cambodia, negotiating his way, and that of two colleagues, out of execution from a remote jungle base, finally walking 50km overnight through patrolled and mined jungle.

Chris was subsequently blown up by a land mine walking in a ‘cleared’ area and lost both his lower right leg and right arm. He survived against all the odds because of his high level of fitness and because of his knowledge of first aid. He competed in the London Marathon less than one year after this appalling accident. He is the first amputee to complete the Great Sahara Run, he has run the length of Cambodia, some 700km, and has completed the Badwater Death Valley Ultra 135 Mile ‘Fun’ Run in air temperatures close to Delia Smith’s recommendation for slow cooking chicken!

Chris set up his own company MTB (Making The Best-his philosophy in life) and is a well-known speaker on the subjects of change management, motivation, leadership and the concept of limitation. His autobiography ‘One Step Beyond’ was published in 1999.

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