O2E Launch night 16/01/2020

You are cordially invited to the O2e 2020 Launch night on Thursday 16th January (next week!) at the offices of Man Group, Riverbank House, 2, Swan Lane, London, EC4R 3AD.  Doors will be open from 5pm and the fun starts at approximately 6pm with a hard stop at 9pm.  There will be snacks and finger food provided free (courtesy of the fragrant Nira Fulton) and a pay-for bar.  This is a terrific annual event which has always proven popular so get your names down.

IMPORTANT We need attendee names at reception to comply with the host company policies and you will also need to have ID with you, please email avriltuohy@yahoo.co.uk stating your name / names so we can ensure entry.

2019 was a tremendous year and our two principle targets were smashed; we achieved 45 events and total donations of £150,000, making £2.5m since creation of the charity in 2006.  We will be celebrating last year’s achievements with the award of monies to the chosen charities for 2019 and get to hear what the charities have/will spend our money on. There will also be representatives from the 2020 O2e charities (Sparkle, St Elizabeths, ELHAP, CASPA, PACE, Garwood special school and New Horizons childrens’ academia school), who will explain what their goals will be during 2020.  This is where the promise of our donations will be crystallised into tangible, real benefits for terminally ill and disabled children. 
Come to the Launch night to:

  • Receive the thanks of our 2019 charities plus their news on how the money will be spent for the benefit of terminally ill and disabled children.
  • Hear about and meet representatives from the charities for 2020, including at least three newbies.
  • Hear from DD Big Cheese about the O2e targets for 2020
  • Hear about some of the events that have already been declared and have the chance to sign up
  • Take the O2e Lucky Dip to pick out an event for you to complete during the year.
  • (As an aside please note that anyone not present is liable to be mugged up for two Lucky Dip challenges in absentia)
  • Be sufficiently inspired to sign up for one of the meany events already booked in for the O2e year.
  • Hear guidance on setting up Just Giving and Virgin giving website donation pages as well as online fund raising through the Giving Machine.  Also the possibility to watch Michelin starred chefs (ahem) whipping up a series of goodies for the finger buffet.
  • Enjoy an evening of convivial company with the O2e committee, the officers and supporters and participants as we kick off the evening.
  • Hear how the Skelly 400 event is progressing.
  • Bring along a family member or friend and endeavour to get more volunteers who are completely new to O2e.

I look forward to receiving details of your own chosen events.  Lots of love
Chairman DD Big Cheese xx


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