September Challenge

September Challenge
Virtual Amsterdam 2020
This time of year normally sees us in final preparation for our flagship event, Big Kev’s Bike Ride. It feels a bit surreal that after all the work to organise the 2020 ride, with a record number of sign ups, we can’t go ahead.
The bike ride is the year’s single biggest fundraiser so, along with all the other cancelled events this year, we are finding our coffers very light in a year where our charities need us more than ever.
Given the easing of a lot of restrictions we feel it is a good time to try to get some much needed fundraising going.
Walk or Run or Cycle or Swim
to achieve “O2e points”
  • Choose your challenge
  • Mix your sports if you wish
  • Set your own points target (ideally to achieve 250 if possible)
  • Click here to set up your JustGiving Page to link to the O2e Challenge Event (“Start fundraising” “Doing your own thing”)
  • Measure your progress towards your targetDo your activity individually, in family groups or “bubble” groupsUse our social media platforms to share your challenge, your photos and encourage others

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Instagram @o2echarity
Facebook O2e Page
Facebook O2e Supporters Group
Let’s make September count for O2e and our charities

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