Remember why we do this

The only reason we do this is to raise money for terminally ill and disabled children. Many “charity” bike rides are outsourced to companies and require a minimum sponsorship of 3 to 4 times our entry fee, yet less than half often goes to the charity.

O2e is different – everything is done by volunteers and you cover the costs. That way every single £ raised in sponsorship goes to the amazing charities we support. Please realise though that volunteers doesn’t equal little effort – this event takes many months of hard work from several people to plan and relies on a huge team of very generous volunteers to donate vehicles/time/fuel in order to run it.

If you raise at least as much as the entry fee in sponsorship, it makes it all worthwhile.


It’s never too early to start getting sponsorship. O2e has created a headline JustGiving page which you can simply direct you sponsors to or make your own sub-page that links into it but allows you to see your individual total. Firstly, log into JustGiving and then click below to get started:

O2e Just Giving

You will need to click on  Start Fundraising and then select Doing Your Own Thing  and fill in all the information for your page which will then be linked to our headline page. We can then work out how much money is raised by this event from all our riders.

Key Rules

  • Wearing of a cycle helmet is mandatory
  • Observe ALL traffic rules
  • Carry a mobile phone (you will be provided with contact numbers for support)
  • Carry your passport
  • Carry some Euros
  • Carry two spare inner tubes, a puncture repair kit and a pump
  • Carry a lightweight waterproof/windproof jacket as the weather can be just as changeable as the UK
  • Do not ride on your own, contact support if you are unable to locate a riding partner
  • Carry lights for overcast days & later-than-planned finishes
  • Carry a power pack to keep your devices topped up


Avril’s award winning support team will of course be with you for the entirety, offering a vast selection of home-made goodies, tools, pumps, or simply encouragement when most needed. However, whilst we have an excellent support team they are very busy so could take a considerable time to get to you. Please don’t rely on support for minor things such as a puncture as it’ll make a long day in the saddle even longer and distract them away from other tasks.

If you need support to find you, you must have WhatsApp installed and be familiar with the SHARE LOCATION feature.

If you are on a dedicated cycle path, support may not be able to get to your exact location, in this case you will need to walk to the nearest intersection with a road.


Much of the route is on segregated cycle paths which, despite being amazingly resourceful, our signage team simply cannot get access to. It is therefore essential to have a GPS bike computer or phone with the route loaded so you can self-navigate.The routes are available for download from this website on the individual day pages and below.

For those familiar with navigation devices there are links below to the GPX track files.

Day 1 GPX — Day 2 Part 1GPX–Day 2 Part 2 GPX–Day 3 GPX

Navigating on Mobile Devices

There are apps which will show the route on your phone without incurring roaming charges. We have written a brief guide for using Guru Maps, a free app which provides navigation without Data Roaming and when out of signal. Avril will also send a link on Whatsapp for those using Guru.

Bikes / Luggage

  • No bike bags or bike boxes please.
  • Please be considerate and pack as small a bag as possible.
  • You will be given tags for your bike and main luggage – please affix these to your bike & main luggage BEFORE LOADING/RIDING!


All rooms are on a shared basis.


You are required to arrange your own insurance and you should check it covers issues arising from Covid.

Short Disclaimer

By taking part in this event you are acknowledging the fact that neither O2e or the Organiser have any liability in the event of an accident or claim that may subsequently arise. You also acknowledge that the responsibility for insuring your bicycle and your own person and belongings together with public liability is yours.

Full Rules & Disclaimer

Click here.

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