Key Rules:

  • Wearing of a cycle helmet is mandatory
  • Observe ALL traffic rules
  • Carry a mobile phone (you will be provided with contact numbers for support)
  • Carry your passport
  • Carry some Euros
  • Carry two spare inner tubes, a puncture repair kit and a pump
  • Carry a lightweight waterproof/windproof jacket as the weather can be just as changeable as the UK
  • Do not ride on your own, contact support if you are unable to locate a riding partner
  • You will need lights for the first day

Important Notes re Support

Whilst we have an excellent support team they are very busy so could take a considerable time to get to you; Please don’t rely on support for minor things such as a puncture as it’ll make a long day in the saddle even longer and distract them away from other tasks.

If you need support to find you, it’d help enormously if you have one or more of these apps, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Maps or Google Maps and know how to use the SHARE LOCATION function in it.

If you are on a dedicated cycle path, support may not be able to get to your exact location, in this case you will need to walk to the nearest intersection with a road.

Short Disclaimer

By taking part in this event you are acknowledging the fact that neither O2e or the Organiser have any liability in the event of an accident or claim that may subsequently arise. You also acknowledge that the responsibility for insuring your bicycle and your own person and belongings together with public liability is yours.

Full Rules & Disclaimer

Click here.

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